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We're the viral dynamic mother and daughter duo Kyla and Bella! We've built a loyal following through sharing our medical journey. Bella (age 8) has captured the hearts of millions with her spunky personality and positive outlook on life. Our mission it to share joy and support other's ability to be brave through hard times. So while we might not look like your average influencers, we sure do pack a punch!

Work typically includes sponsored social media content, social media takeovers, and brand embassador programs. 

We've had the opportunity to work with some awesome companies and  non-profits including Subtl Beauty, Halara Clothing, Mattel, d3H Hotels, Ronald Mcdonald House, Toronto Sick Kids, and many more. Our clients are diverse and always looking for our motivating energy, uplifiting spirit, and to bring some humor! Typically we can turn around projects in less than a week, and have even produced content for brands in less than 24 hours. We're always up for a challenge!

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